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I'm Marcello and I thank you for checking me out. I've been giving massages since I was 21 years old. I'm 33 years old, with degrees in psychology and business. I'm Black, Filipino and Panamanian.

I enthusiastically embrace any shape, any size, any color, all ages and all types. Whichever you are, I'm ok with you as my focus is to bring you relief and relaxation. My fee tends to be a little higher than the average because I am not your average masseur.

I am a man who has close to 14 years of experience. For more than a decade, I have perfomed and improved upon on m4m massages and still learning.

Unlike most masseurs, my focus is less on the raunchy side and I'm more of a gifted healer. As I am very skilled at shifting the energy in your body, my m4m massage experience will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

*The Incall Experience*
Is it about the distance or the experience you want to have with me?

I'll welcome you to my secure and discreet location in the neighborhood near Columbia University. I always have wine and water available for when you first come in. Depending on your mood and the time frame we have you can choose which you'd like to partake. Just know that I have it available.

After we share drinks I'll lead you to my private room where I'll wash your feet and give you a foot massage for about 5-7 minutes. This feels really REALLY good and I do this so that you can visually take me in, look at me and connect so please don't be too self-conscious about your feet. By the time we get to this point though, you will feel comfortable with me and see how easy going and non judgemental I am and we can continue.

Afterwards I'll have you lay facedown on my table and I will give you a full body massage.

*The Outcall Experience*
Pretty much the same as the incall minus the wine lol. But I will have my own lighting, candles and music.

I massage women as well but I fully embrace the gay or man 4 man massage lifestyle and demands. I understand how a man needs to feel and I have the hands to carry it out.

I have performed male 4 male massages for quite some time and I'm very good at what I do as you'll find out.

Thanks for stopping by

See you soon!


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