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am a gay man providing professional and unique massage largely in a m4m setting but am comfortable with ALL clients. I practice in a new and delightful studio in the Minneapolis Uptown area. I am professionally well-schooled in Swedish, Japanese Shiatsu, Thai, therapeutic/trigger point, Reflexology, Marma (Aurvedic/Indian) and Hawaiian/Lomi Lomi massage. I also have a number of my own unique moves. I mix these seamlessly with body mobilization and assisted yoga stretching, mindfully following the known body meridians and often accomplishing more than one objective in the same move.

Dynamic cave art murals, lavish aromas, relaxing music (or bring your own), a heated table, hot stone work if called for, and a pampering hot towel rub-down at the finish (to remove any extra lotion) round out each luxurious treatment. None of the spa gimmicks, potions, tools, and toys that some therapists use to run out the clock. This is a continuous, hands-on, honest-days-work, your-money's-worth massage.

My client reviews have been very encouraging and I am proud to say that I have become the favorite of other massage therapists.

My ideal client would be in search of an excellent and multifarious massage to enhance, invigorate and brighten their life. Take a break, unwind! Would you like a softer, gentler, spa-like experience or a more rigorous deep-tissue session and work on specific trouble spots? Let's tailor your table time to make it an exceptionally positive experience. Side-stretches anyone?

I have the strong, intuitive hands, and a skill set to provide just what YOU want and I listen! A big yes to deep tissue pressure expertly applied when welcome. I love applying muscle to muscle! I know where the bugs live so I don't waste much time getting to them. But I can just as easily back off to long tender strokes and a gentle, calming/warming strategy. Work is done on-table, with and/or without oils and lotions.

My massage will serve to remind your body of its full range of movement and I can leave you with self care strategies to help relieve chronic aches and pains.

I am very casual, approachable and professional. I make a promise to be as available to you as I possibly can. I also promise to remain completely confidential and respectful in all my dealings.

"I will act so you will praise me"

phone/text me (612)237-5524 (best bet)
or Email me at THaydenMassage@comcast . net
please note that Emails often take some time to appear
also I may be in-session when you try to make contact
lead time is greatly appreciated!

Email him now or call