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offer a full body, Thai or Swedish massage:
I work using Love, Light and Intuition, along with skilled, knowing hands to provide healing.

Thai yoga massage is done on a table or comfortable mat on the floor. You are fully clothed or undressed.
I stretch your body, press and massage along the energy lines or points. I perform an array of passive yoga stretching movements that are performed with feet, knees, hands and elbows. I also press knuckles, feet, hands, thumbs and fingers into specific points while holding you in a stretch. This combined effort relieves areas of muscular stress and tension. Techniques involve stretching myofascial tissue; acupressure; compression of tissue; and manipulation of soft tissue. The massage is very relaxing, customized based on your body needs.

Swedish massage is performed on a massage table applying palming in a percussion-like kneading motion and stretching. The use of long strokes which warms the muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up embedded knots, easing muscle fatigue and stiffness. I use a water dispersable and fragrance free oil massage.

During your massage, I will address your entire body meaning all key areas of tension, or work through a towel. Either feeling sore after the gym or after a stressing day at work you will feel sensations flowing through your whole body as I relax your shoulders and back. I bring welcome relief to the muscles of your inner thighs to release the tension in your buttocks.

I also apply reflexology technique onto the hands, feet and ears pressing reflex points related to different body organs and systems, and bringing a beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health.

Looking forward to relaxing you on my table or mat in a quiet candle-lit and comfortable space accompanied by soothing music. I welcome all types of men, no matter your age or size.

Whether you decide to book a Thai or Swedish massage you will feel relaxed, renewed and energized, more flexible and peaceful.

I am available 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm.

location in Chelsea

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