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hen I great you at the door you will begin to be healed by my compassionate energy. Come and let yourself fall into the magical world of Jay's traditional shiatsu chi energy work as I slowly push the tension out of your muscles with oiled elbows down your meridian lines.

Through years of practice I have found that almost all tension emanates from the juncture of your neck and back. At first I gently rock you from that space with oiled hands until your whole body ready to receive slow and steady pressure down your meridians as I make my way to your hips to unlock the tension which inevitably resides there as well. As I go deeper I ensure that your body is relaxed enough to receive the work by breathing slowly and deeply with you to invite you to a place of absolute peace.

Your back will release when you feel my elbow moving down it so slowly you will barely know it is moving as it unlocks your tension vertebrae by vertebrae. You will feel the energy work as a calming touch that knows when to be still on a spot and when to spread the energy to other muscles.

Each meridian in your arms will be lovingly traced from your shoulder to the tips of each finger. Then you will feel the stress of your job melt away as I open your hands and rinse out the tension with my fingers.

Every client leaves my table with the joy of discovering a uniquely invigorating experience and you will too!

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