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I am coming to you with 5 + yrs experience of m4m massage under my belt. My goal is to create a deeply relaxing massage. My background is in ballet, dance and fine art. It is through a dancer's spirit that I approach massage. The headspace is an attention toward biomechanics and anatomy. One of the most difficult aspects about bodywork is establishing a common time-space presence. We have an hr or a little more together! It doesn't work if we remain in radically different places. I ask that you be open minded and shed your unspoken expectations. Using breath as a rhythm and release valve is key. With that said I've been doing this long enough to guide us right in.

Sound is a very important aspect of releasing tension in our brain's and nervous systems (which in turn tunes our muscles). I love to use music during my massages. Music enters us whether we like it or not. It side steps our filters--the way we want to see and feel things. We spend so much time curating and controlling our experiences. I have had a lot of success using sound to tether sessions. This doesn't mean I will be playing the sound of music soundtrack. I have a range of possibilities...some very gentle pieces.

My massage is a blend of techniques. Sometimes people say this euphemistically as in they don't have training or development. For me I find that different modalities have their own various strengths and weaknesses. Combining them into a toolkit to draw from works well. I pull from Thai, accu pressuse, sports, deep tissue, swedish, yoga, dance, body electric, feldenkrais. My goal is to have you walking away from our time together feeling refreshed and buoyant, which in our present world goes a long way.

Please feel free to leave a review of our time together--I like the added feedback.

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