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anctuary awaits you where you can escape the world and you have the opportunity replenish and rejuvenate, to be wrapped in a calming, serene, healing space. To finally relax and be your self exactly as you are. This is s judgement free zone and from the minute you meander up the stepping stone walkway through the perennial garden you will start to feel a shift, a welcoming and a sense of coming home. You'll be invited to enter and be led to the bathroom and shower if you need to use tha facilities or rinse off if you want before beginning the massage. The you will enter into the Heart of the Sanctuary, a professional spa like spacious room with candles, soothing music, soft lighting, with a heated massage table (adjustable to your comfort).

After reviewing your areas of focus, I can disrobe to your comfort level and provide you with a towel to place over you. We start the 4 hand session in a rhythm sequence curling the body alternations areas as we moved in a clockwise or healing spiral direction. One of us start on the back and neck while the other on the upper low back, glutes and legs. In this rhythmic synchronistic dance the flow of energy just transports you to another realm or altered state or peace and healing.

This is not a superficial massage rubbing cream or oil on you. This is real high quality deep massage where you will feel significantly different when you leave. (depth and pressure can be adjusted to your level of comfort). Being a men and knowing a mans body and the areas of tension and emotion or energetic holding, allows us to really know, tune in and find those exact areas and points and unlock and melt those knots and trigger points. We are masc, in shape, muscular easy going down to earth guys with no attitude or need to prove anything. We put our hearts and soul into each session. It's really a work of art and you become the masterpiece! Try us out and you will wonder why you waited so long. Have many reviews on the other ad for individual (2 hand sessions). We also do couples massage and have the space to do the sessions in our two private massage rooms or both in the same room. We offer gift certificates as well!

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