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ysterium Tremendum:

The numinous (Latin numen, “spirit”) in which the Other (i.e., the transcendent) appears as the mysterium tremendum et fascinates.

My massage work is meditative and hypnotic, therapeutic, and serene. It’s that surreal in-between state that you may have experienced laying down to nap, as you drift off, just before you fall completely asleep. What I do is conduct that dreamlike state, painting mind-scapes through sense activation. The mind is to focus on the breath, the ambient music, and the varying pressure and dynamic motions of my hands, which are explicitly synched with the spatial characteristics and shifting moods of the carefully chosen ambient music I play. The music is not simply resting as a backdrop to a massage; it is intentional sound sensation, and thus integral to the experience as a whole. An awareness of these things can take a few moments of clearing the mind. When thoughts arrive in the mind, they are let go through refocusing on the aforementioned elements. This practice is one of my art forms.

I use a heated table in a smoke-free work space. I mix my own massage oil using an organic base oil and only the finest essential oils (Doterra). Clean linens are always used.

Every client is treated with the utmost respect, from the time they walk in, during the session, to the time they leave.

Open your mind, and your senses will follow...

- Namaste

I do m4m massage - I serve gay, straight, bi, curious.

Hope to see you soon! :)

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