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re you a man suffering with a stiff neck & shoulders? Aching hips? Tight back muscles?

With over 10 years experience in male massage and acupuncture I can provide some welcome relief from those everyday aches and pains.

I can offer anything from a relaxing Swedish massage to deep tissue or myofascial release massage to really work out those knots. My strong hands will ease your muscles and soothe your body.

Standing at 6' tall and 200lbs, I can easily glide down your tense back muscles all the way to your hips maintaining good strong pressure which will melt away any stress you are carrying.

And if you are looking for something different I can offer acupuncture on its own, or as part of a massage combination. It's wonderful at really targeting those stubborn knots that just won't release during massage and providing a deeper level of relaxation.

Please feel free to contact me outside of my clinic hours to arrange an appointment or ask any questions about my massage or acupuncture service. I'm always happy to help.

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