Massage by Hank

A Strong Touch and Relaxing Massage

Based in Long Beach, CA

In-studio & mobile services

Starting at $120

9 a.m. - 10 p.m. every day

Deep Tissue & Swedish

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Simply put... no fluff here. Offering full-body, high quality, therapeutically focused, and healing massage for adult men of all body types and orientation.

Just me, you, my table, hands, strength and skill, soothing music... and my energy, intensity, and focus.

Text is the best way to contact me for availability. I hold a professional career and massage is a hobby of mine only. I always reply asap. Voice calls are... welcomed. I'm available for in-calls and out-calls.

I offer a relaxed environment - an undraped massage is welcomed. I assert a healing and comforting therapeutic touch and environment... one that will leave you completely rejuvenated and recharged.

Great skill! With my advanced understanding of the male muscular system and the external stressors that create high-tension areas, I skillfully know how to manipulate muscle tissue for the utmost relaxing, therapeutic, and healing massage. Generally, I use a variety of techniques with a deep-Swedish, sports massage style. The techniques I use promote and enhance the healing blood flow your muscles need to recovery from soreness and fatigue that vigorous workouts or work-related physical stressors cause.

The massage I provide is an intuitive and a personalized experience. I include a strong, sensorial massage touch in my style to create the healing connection needed between my client and me for the best massage experience. I energetically assure a sense of comfort and ease so you allow the therapeutic and sensorial nature of my touch completely engage your body, muscles, and senses.

You will deeply feel the natural healing passion and focus I put into massage with my strong hands and inviting energy.

You WILL feel comfortable, connected to me, free, and relaxed... an escape from stress that you've been needing.

My pics are 100% accurate. Reasonable rates, pro table, pro lotion, comfortable environment, and shower available.

Massage booking requests:
-Please be showered prior to arriving to your massage, it is good etiquette to take a shower. I too always shower for every massage appt. My shower facilities in my apartment are available for you if you are coming from work or an activity.
-Please notify me by text if you are going to be earlier or late to your booking appointment.
-I am flexible with my hours. If possible, I can extend your massage time, and can book late evenings and nights.


Based near: Linden Avenue & First Street Long Beach, CA 90802 Mobile services within 5 miles

In-studio 60 min. $120
  90 min. $160

  • Cash accepted
  • Longer sessions available.
About him

I'm a stocky muscular masculine guy, moderately hairy, Latino-mix. Workout regularly, blessed with thick muscle genes like my pops. I even got his gut.

I am very friendly and courteous with good energy.

Master's degreed in Kinesiology, Exercise Science.

I've been providing massage to men of various musculature's and builds since my studies in Kinesiology in the late 90's. I am very knowledge about the... body and the muscular system, as I worked as a strength coach and fitness instructor aswith athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and therefore know how to handle and explore every muscle group for the most relaxing, therapeutic experience.

My main hobby is lifting and fitness. I also enjoy shirtless beach cruiser bike rides at the beach - its very relaxing for me and my preferred way to get a great tan.

Additional info

Techniques: Deep Tissue, Swedish

In-studio amenities: Shower, Bottled Water


Aug. 16, 2017

By Jay in Irvine, CA

Getting right down to it, Hank is one hell of a masseur. He starts off every session by asking if there are any places you want massaged more and tailors the experience accordingly. My shoulders were killing me this time, and by the end of the session, I felt like I could lift at the gym all day. The pressure was just right, and he never felt rushed. I would see him every week if I could. He's a little far from me, but feeling Hank's massage makes it worth every mile.

No. of appts.: 2

Most recent appt.: April 07, 2017, in Long Beach, CA (incall)

Time booked/actual duration: 60 minutes/60 minutes

Technical details: Oil used; Medium pressure

Technical expertise: 5 / 5

Comfort level: 5 / 5

Ambiance: 5 / 5

March 26, 2016

By Jacob in Burbank, CA

Kid you not, I was like putty when the massage finished.
Hank is absolutely incredible. The instant you meet him, he puts you at ease. He's warm, friendly and above all incredibly talented.
He strikes the perfect balance between strength and gentleness. There's no other way to describe it, other than an experience.

No. of appts.: 1

Most recent appt.: March 25, 2016, in Long Beach, CA (incall)

Time booked/actual duration: 90 minutes/90 minutes

Technical details: Deep pressure

Technical expertise: 5 / 5

Comfort level: 5 / 5

Ambiance: 5 / 5

Oct. 25, 2015

By Q in Anaheim, CA

I was awesome experience from start to finish. We started with a candid conversation to a very wonderful and fulfilling massage and more conversation. He was a real treat and will definately see him again.

No. of appts.: 1

Most recent appt.: Oct. 22, 2015, in Long Beach, CA (incall)

Time booked/actual duration: 60 minutes/75 minutes

Technical details: Lotion used; Medium pressure

Technical expertise: 4.5 / 5

Comfort level: 5 / 5

Ambiance: 5 / 5