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ello! Thank you for your consideration. You will make the right choice when you hire me for your massage experience. Don't waste your money on another regular Joe, when for just a little more you can have double the effort, attention, and pleasure you can depend on! I am very skilled with deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques. Give me a try and you will be wondering why you didn't hire me sooner! When we first meet, I will greet you with a positive attitude and with my total respect. You can feel relaxed and Iwill remain professional and attentive to your needs.
Every person will have a different experience based on their needs. Iunderstand how to respond to all parts of the body and all body types.
No stress, we will apply light, medium, to heavy pressure to remove knots and increase your circulation to promote a healthier body.
You can expect to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after every session. I make an effort to be in touch with my body, mind, and consciousness and I hope to pass on our good vibes to you!

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