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NCREDIBLE RELAXING MASSAGE: (+44) 07548897861 Your body deserves the firm, qualified strokes of my sensitive big strong hands. I work from a very private, fully equipped studio in London's West End, in Fitzrovia off Charlotte street. All bookings are with 100% guaranteed discretion.

I am a highly intuitive person and read what my Gay, straight, bi or curious clients are comfortable with very well. I use amazing quality aromatic massage oils, warm towels and have a state of the art electronic heated massage table for the best results. Of course, you can shower before and after your massage so you are fresh to return to work, head out for a meeting or just enjoy the rest of your day.

For maximum benefit, I recommend a 90 minute appointment but if short on time you can be in and out in sixty. One of my biggest assets is my honest hospitality and my ability to connect with clients. This will have you feeling immediately relaxed and safe once your are in my company. I am all about people feeling good, (gay, straight, bisexual or curious) on many levels and I can guarantee you will be feeling that way from the start to finish.

Call or text me to book. (+44) 07548897861



Email him now or call +44 07548897861