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ello, I currently have a steam room, shower, separate private restroom, A lot of gym equipment, and a private massage room. If you come to my place for a massage I would be so happy, we have a lot of different things to do, you will never get bored. We can work out, detox in a steam room, stretch with yoga or polaties, do a teeth whitening session, possibly body scrubs grooming and waxing ( let me know if interested ). If you just want a massage we can do that too, therapeutic or relaxing. If you want a relaxing drink I can make tea, water, or a glass of wine. It's very laid back here, I'll even show you how to workout, stretch right, and detox with steam( must bring swimwear to use steam). Everything here is clean and professional so I expect you to be the same, otherwise you will need to take a shower before a massage, you can use mine (alone) , I always have clean towels. I am located in Lauderhill in a nice, safe, discreet neighborhood. I hope you can come visit me, it's worth the drive
Call, if no answer please text, Brando 954-629-3122

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