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y treatment is a blend of Myo-fascial Release, Deep tissue therapy, Cranial-sacral energy work, Thai stretching and the relatively new technique of Manual Ligament Therapy, all aimed at reducing pain while allowing your nervous system the chance to unwind and unlock its unconscious holding patterns.

I have a innate ability to identify the specific places the body wishes to release, and he is able to get deep work done with an intuitive touch. He incorporates a healing presence with his therapeutic technique to help facilitate healing for specific injuries, as well as for overall well-being.

Professional massage treatment is a natural talent for him but also a skill he hones with on going classes, workshops and service exchanges with other professional body workers.

Patrick in Seattle, WA

October 8, 2013
“Mark really knows what he’s doing. He has studied the body enough to know all the pressure points and techniques to relieve muscle stress, but also how to perform massage which helps the body purge toxins. As pleasurable as the massage itself is, some of the most important benefits are actually felt the day after! Mark also has the physical strength to accomplish all this. I’ve had some massage therapists who had technique, but not the physical strength required to be completely effective.

Mark also creates a great ambiance with relaxing music and all.”

CW in Seattle, WA

October 7, 2013
“I should preface this with saying I get many massages, sometime 3 a month, including some of the finest spas in the world. Mark is the best masseuse I have had. He really takes the time to figure out your body and what it needs. His hands are amazingly strong and they do wonders. I was devastated when he left, hope he’ll come back someday. If you get a chance to get a massage from Mark, you won’t be disappointed.”

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