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*Limited massage time only available over the weekend**
I would recommend booking ahead.

Feeling life's stresses building up? Need to relax and let go? Once you're on my massage couch and under the firm pressure of my strong hands you will immediately begin to unwind.

I offer a 60 min service, or for those who would like longer relaxation time a full 90 minute total body massage, from the privacy of my home clinic. I have an extra wide, super comfortable table I work from, which works well for those big men.

I have over 10 years experience in male massage and body work. Deeply relaxing, I will work all of those aches, stresses and strains out of your body under my touch.

Standing at 6' tall and 200lbs, I can easily glide down your tense back muscles all the way to your hips maintaining good strong pressure which will melt away any stress you are carrying.

You will leave feeling relaxed, replenished and happy.

Please feel free to contact me outside of my clinic hours to arrange an appointment or ask any questions about my massage service. I'm always happy to help.

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