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recently had a Navajo medicine man visit. His words were "there's a lot of love in those hands."

What makes my m4m practice special is that I love to really connect with my clients.

A regular client of mine often remarks on the way I listen to his body. As soon as the deep touch reaches a peak, the soft nurturing touch helps his body relax.

Finding a great connection with a m4m bodyworker is a great addition to your life. Because of the depth of connection, it is very much a personal relationship and many of my clients have become good friends over the years.

My work is deep, personal and nurturing. Many of my regular clients are doctors, therapists and professionals who are looking for a consistent, reliable grounded man.

I've been working with gay and bi men for more than seven years. I love to take my clients deep into a relaxed and blissful state.

One clients pays me at the beginning of each session because he can't count when it's over.

Please feel free to speak honestly about your needs.

While you're here, you will know you're in good hands the moment my hands and your body make contact.

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