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our anxieties, stress and tight muscles will melt away when my talented hands go to work on you. Drift away while my masculine strong arms and hands untangle those tight muscles. A comfortable, extra wide, professional table is where your relaxing experience will unfold. The decision of oil or lotion will be totally left up to you, although the choice is yours I prefer oil. It's the warmer choice because the moisture in the lotions evaporate and therefore has a cooling effect on your body. Lotions tend to soak in faster and therefore require more frequent applications taking valuable time away for the real point, my hands soothing your body. For those who are concerned that they may feel oily after the massage, please consider the following: #1. Many men enjoy the sensation of being massaged with a dry towel which is used to stimulate your skin and remove excess oil as the finale.
#2. You are welcome to use the shower before or after the massage. Of course there will be a clean towel and washcloth set out in advance.

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