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reat yourself to a massage experience in the Thai tradition!

With a background in dance, a 200 hour yoga teaching certification and four certificates of completion in the study of Thai massage, including two from a nationally recognized school of massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I have been studying the body through different methodologies most of my adult life.

What makes Thai massage distinct from other types of bodywork is that it is done on a thin padded mat on the floor and various yoga-like positions are incorporated into the session to elongate the muscles and increase the body's range of motion. A recipient of this type of work can expect some gentle stretching and a twist or two, all to help the body achieve a deeper sense of peace and relaxation.

Thai style massage is a very intimate type of bodywork. As I work on a client I am constantly repositioning and reorganizing you, twisting and stretching you, using hands, feet and elbows. A session with me is structured to address your whole body from your head to your feet, leaving you relaxed to the fullest extent.

If you are viewing this ad, I'm assuming you are looking for an m4m massage experience. All clients are welcome, regardless of age, body type or orientation. My job is to offer the best massage you can get, to everyone who wants it.

I welcome any questions - Don't hesitate to text, email or call. Also, please check out my reviews under the testimonials link! And for returning clients who write testimonials I offer a discount after the testimonial goes up!

My preferred treatment length is 90 minutes, however shorter or longer times can be booked depending on what works best for you.

Thanks - John

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