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ong strokes, rocking and jostling movements, nurturing cradling positions, deep friction and compression with skillful full body use. These are some of the tools that i use to decompress and create total relaxation within your body. I am trained in a wide variety of styles from treatment oriented trigger point work, tendon and ligament work, and myofascial release, to relaxing thai stretching, swedish and deep tissue massage.

I integrate the techniques I use based on what i feel in your body and what your goals are for pur session so every massage is unique. Massage is done on a mat as this allows for easier movement positioning and leverage of bodyweight (i will often use knees elows and feet when deeper pressure is needed and it is just more combersome on a table). If you would prefer a table please let me know beforehand.

I work with men of all shapes sizes and abilities, my massage is particularly good as a compliment to a yoga practice or other fitness routine.

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