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magine getting a real chance to put the hectic routine of life on pause for an hour or so. Forget everything…. Escape…. Relax ….

Treat your body and mind to an exceptional therapeutic and relaxing massage in a private, peaceful environment to relieve the stress of a difficult day or just because you are worth it.

I have seen how some life paths can trap men into routines and beliefs that deny them the joy and pleasure of simply being alive, right here, right now. I encourage my clients to embrace the transcendent value of the massage experience. I can guide you through rhythmic breathing to allow your mind to clear and be in the moment. I integrate intuitive touch, deep pressure and gentle stretching with breathing for a total mind/body rejuvenation. You may have specific soreness that needs attention or you may just want to relax and recharge.

I take In-Call appointments Tuesday thru Saturday from 5am to 4pm. I can be available at other times as well. Please call me to discuss your preference.

I am conveniently located near the intersection of Dixie Highway and East Commercial Blvd. The property is safe, convenient, well maintained and has free parking.

My rates are:
1 hour - $160
1.5 hours - $200

Discretion is assured. Many of my clients are straight and married. Others are gay, bi, curious, etc. I am comfortable with all adult men, all ages and all body types. I practice exceptional hygiene and I am respectful of all my clients’ time and life. I expect the same in return. Please be prompt or give me a call if you will be delayed. I will do the same.

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