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Hey men!

Thanks for all you have done over the last years. I have been a masseur a decade, ot 11 years now in Phoenix, AZ.

Remember I always am treating you the right way.

"Mini-vacation" room is your own place to be. Relax, meditate, and enjoying! This is you're time away.

Respectful to every man's to have time off to relax.

Best-Massage(C) stationary Massage table with cradle for arms, soft stuffed face pillow, and body resting on a 2-inch memory foam pad, black leather, hard wood frame. It is draped with fresh linens & towels,.

Surroundings are Zen inspired, including aromatherapy, candles & soft auto LED lighting, soothing sounds, music, fish tank...Etc.

This all helps in opening up & illuminating one's own mind,body, spirit, and soul.

The experience will alleviate the stress & remove the toxins out of the body. This will give you a great feeling of being refreshed & rejuvenated.

If it is the 1st time, it can be like no other experience you will feel. Using all the senses- without having to say a word.

Will guide you to your own comfort zone. If you are a bit unsettled about this, just give me a call anytime.

I assure you will know it is the good energy exchanged, and when we speak, or in person, I assure you will be comfortable with me.

Many of the types of techniques, more Swedish and have been adopted from beginning.

The Human experience has been proven to be needed by everyone. Modern day to methods for ancient times, style may very for every man's physical type.

My hours are made to fit your schedule. This includes late night, and early mornings. Any time your schedule permits. Hours notice appreciated, less at times. In advance always insures your reservation for a session.

Thank-you, and hope to see you soon!

Email him now or call