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provide a caring and deep m4m bodywork session. I am trained in sports male massage and swedish. I follow these 3 steps in my technique:
#1) I palpate, or touch the tissue, feeling for imbalances in tissue texture, quality and temperature to determine where I need to work. All men love this touch when they are stressed, at odds with life, or when work or family just becomes too obsessive..
#2) I discriminate, or separate fascial layers that adhere to a man's muscles that have been pulled out of position by strain or injury.
#3) Finally, I integrate the male body, relating its segments in an improved relationship, bringing physical balance in the gravitational field that surrounds the body. Male massage needs this aspect.
My clients tell me repeatedly that I am down to earth,and that they feel comfortable having me in their homes. I am casually aggressive and very passionate about my work. Certified in Massage with 10 years experiance. I am healthy, happy and friendly. Not a clock watcher. I am trained as well in Personal Training ( CIAR). I offer professional services to BWI and Dulles, as well as downtown DC. I can bring a bed or use the floor, whatever you need. I am always in a great mood for our visit. Your privacy is assured.

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