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en need a place to be men and be with men. Growing up I was always in charge of giving massage to the guys on hunting and fishing trips in the mountains of western North Carolina. After a day of working on the farm, driving tractors, I always loved hitting the rivers and woods, then cabin time for male bonding in the great outdoors. Now I have a man cave store front so the guys in the area have a place to bond through those same male bonding massages. I grew up massaging all my straight and bi-sexual buddies, and enjoy making my buds feel good.

My massages have got better through the years with all the formal training. I even studied Thai Massage in Thailand. Anything to make my buddies feel good. My straight friends from college still want massages when they visit the area. It's good to have a connection and touch from a man. It's just different to have my big hands work out the kinks. If you have never had a massage from a man, you need to give it a try. You will feel so good afterwards.

My stats: 6'2", 175, brown hair, blue eyes.

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