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ll of my massages are designed for one great experience, whether you are gay, straight, married, single or simply curious about what it feels like to have a strong, talented masseur massage you expertly and completely.
If all that sounds relaxing to you, why not come over to my studio or have me come to you and give you one of the best massages you've ever had. For this massage you will be nude, so that I can provide maximum coverage.

You will start face down on my extra thickly padded massage table, listen to some great music, and get massaged with high-quality biotone products all over your body.

I will start out on your back, neck and shoulder area, gradually relaxing you with long, gliding strokes, and then as you begin to enter that zone of euphoria, I will gently focus on your tension areas, especially in the low back and shoulders, never taking my hands off you or losing sight of my main focus, which is to relax you and just make you feel good all over. Your experience will then be heightened by my feather-like strokes up and down your body as I slowly ease my way to your feet, calves and then your hamstring and glut areas.

My clients have told me that at that point they feel both zoned out and exhilarated all at the same time. Finally, turn over and let me transfer you to a continued, more dream-like state of complete relaxation as I massage your upper body with equal skill and finesse.

Understand that I am a fully trained massage therapist, and the first focus is always on a superior professional massage.

Your complete relaxation and satisfaction are guaranteed. I guarantee this experience will linger with you long after the massage is over! You will leave my studio saying, "wow, this is one of the best male for male massages I ever had!" I greatly look forward to providing you with a one of a kind experience.

*BTW, for good health and hygiene purposes, please make sure to be freshly showered before your massage. I also have shower facilities here just in case.


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