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Sometimes a good hand is all you need. Professional compassionate amazing massages. :-)

Swedish massage
A relaxing therapeutic massage to reduce stress and and increase circulation and promote health well being and relaxation. Light to medium pressure using soothing gliding and kneading strokes to stimulate soft tissue.

Swedish deep tissue massage
A more assertive massage meant for more active and athletic individuals. Deep and heavy pressure is used to ease muscle tension. This reduces the chances of injury and also speeds recovery and reduces lactic acid in the blood. Increases blood flow while reducing muscle tension and increasing all over well being. Kneading, deep pressure and therapeutic stretches are used to promote better range on motion and unblock knots.

Sea Salt Scrub
An exfoliating all natural vigorous scrub infused with citrus to unclog pours and smooth skin.

Sugar Scrub
A more gentle exfoliating scrub used to unclog pours and smooth skin

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