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y work is a skillful blend of therapeutic. full body, swedish-esalen massage, and a restful, holistic awareness. it is an honest 'get into the muscle and work it' session, done with a touch which is strong - varying pressures, always personal to the man on the table, genuinely nurturing.
relax the muscle - nourish the man.

it is my intent, as a man who cares for men, a gay man, to provide you with the massage, the personal attention, and care a man needs, with the balance that works for you, leaving you completely relaxed and with renewed energy.
i work with, with equal respect and focus on all ages and body types, and all the various come froms we have in our ranks... gay, and non gay identified alike...
men who want the attention and nurture of another man.
I am 100% present, focused on you - your needs, your relaxation.
Integral, quality massage.

My work space is warm, clean, quiet, inviting, with soft music and lighting completing the mood of rest and relaxation.

I use heated Biotone oils and a shower is available for your use.

IF you are wanting a same day appt.
i will get your message much faster.

Email him now or call