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ired of the pretentious, narcissistic, and untalented, masseurs, especially those leaving you with a feeling of disappointment, or not fully-satisfied with the massage/bodywork experience? I was, and that was one of the reasons that I decided that there needs to be a much better offering for desirable clients than that which is currently offered, in the vast majority of locations. This business is not about proving the masseur's strength, and making the client feel real pain and discomfort, or giving eye-candy with a "six-pack", but is about giving an amazing, and memorable, session, with meaningful results, and treating the client the way that the client deserves to be treated; that is what I do, in-spades.

I am formally-trained in both the relaxation- and massage-arts, which is quite a rare skill-set, and am very competent in the arts. I am attentive to all instructions during the session, and my prices can not be beaten for the quality of the services, provided. I have no other charges to my base-rate, except a tip for excellent service, if you want to give me one, and that policy ensures that I give each and every client 100% of my attention and ability, so as I do not take-for-granted any session with a client, whether new or repeat.

I specialize in relaxation full-sessions, Reiki, body-electric, Swedish, Thai, and deep-tissue, techniques, and may employ each one during the session, but can focus as you, the client, want. I enjoy working on, and making both men and women feel wonderfully, but the absolute vast majority of my clients are men, and I specialize in providing one of the best massage sessions that the client could experience.

You may contact me by-voice or by-text, but I do require any prospective client to speak with me, by-voice, as it is necessary for me to make the determination-of-acceptance of the prospective-client.


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