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our body will be falling head over heels in love with this very unique, therapeutically intense and one of a kind male massage with various modalities and stretching. I massage everyone equally, men, women, gay or straight because it is all about the individual, it is about you and your needs.

Feel your body compressed into this mat, massage table or body cushion. Just let your thoughts go, take a deep breath and feel a nice balance of deep & soft tissue pressure. Feel my hands pressing into that spot just right while somewhere deep inside a pebble splashes and ripples across the water, across your body and fingertips. This energy tingles and flows as the warm oil covers your body, as your aura flickers and shines.

In this tranquil environment you will experience a silent awakening with a flair for the unexpected. You will experience modalities such as Shiatsu, Swedish, a pinch of Sports Deep Tissue, Thai, a dash of Aromatherapy and a twist of physical therapy woven together into something healing. You will experience an unbelievable massage.

The session is complemented with warm oils, music, candles or LED candles, salt glow lamps and organic soaps and other body products.

Each session can be done at your location, my studio in Kissimmee or my hotel room while traveling (with massage table).

So go beyond traditional and contact me for more info on my different massages as well as facials and body scrubs. Call, text or email me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

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