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provide a full body massage that involves the simultaneous application of multiple massage techniques. My primary method consists of slow deep strokes with strong pressure, complimented by percussive manipulations using my elbows, thumbs, and fingers. I also apply kneading strokes throughout your body. I tend to use a strong amount of pressure throughout the massage, but can employ a lighter technique depending on your preference.

I am very comfortable working with all types of men (whether they be gay, bi, straight, trans, etc.,), and I'm great at making others feel comfortable around me as well.

My goal is to work out all your kinks with a deep tissue. I have lots of other styles and techniques. I have practiced massage therapy for about 7 years. Over that time, I have learned many different approaches to healing and touch, and love using my intuition to select the right touch and techniques to make my clients feel renewed, and closer to the Bliss that is within everyone.

My goal is to offer to every male customer a customized massage that will help them take away any kind of stress in their everyday lives. COUPLE MASSAGE AVAILABLE

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