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o you want a great Relaxing massage? Or a therapeutic one, focusing on a specific area of pain or discomfort? Great!--I can do either for you, or a combination of both!!! I have nearly 6 years of licensed massage experience, and have several regular clients...some of which are looking for relaxation, and others, including an ex NFL player, needing targeted therapeutic pain relief.
Please start by contacting me via text, phone call or email, and let's discuss how I can help you achieve the pain relief, stress relief, and/or relaxation you need and deserve!

Is it the music? Bring your own if you like.
Is it the fragrances? Request your favorite scents.
Is it the timing of your session? I can arrange early morning, daytime or evening sessions to fit your schedule.
Is it the gender of your Masseur? Of course! That is why we are on this website! Many men, Gay, Bi, or Straight, are more comfortable with another male as their masseur. (some aren't)
Is it my washboard abs? NOT! LOL, I don't have them. (actually I do have strong abs, they are just well insulated.)
Is it the skill of the Hands doing the work? I have great hands.
Is it knowing what areas to work most? Shoulders? Feet? Scalp? Legs? Hands? And your back of course!
Is it knowing where to go lightly or skip all together? Ticklish? Uber-tender feet? Hate having your feet touched?
Is it the knowledge of our anatomy? (Yes I went to school, and have used my schooling well in practice to gain better results for you).

No, 20 questions isn't my favorite game. Especially by text!
But, these are just some of the things I hope you will think about and discuss with me before we meet for your session.
Do you have questions of your own? Great! ASK Please!

Every client is different with their own special needs; every practitioner is unique with their own set of learned skills and natural talent. I do my best to provide a balance of both tailored to your individual needs. Whether you just need to relax and chill out, or have chronic pain or specific trouble spot that needs attention, I can help. For the best experience I do recommend we have a detailed conversation about your expectations and preferences for your session.

My schedule and availability do vary by location and demand.
Depending on the day (or evening) I can be in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Bradenton/Sarasota, Brandon, Lake Wales, Orlando, or somewhere near the beach.
Mobile out calls are a specialty that sets me apart form many others; I can bring my table or massage chair to you so you can relax during and after your massage without the hassle and tension of having to travel home. I can meet you at: Hotels and vacation rentals, even at your office or at your home. (I always travel with my table and supplies in the car).
The key is good communication and a few details.
For the best experience please plan ahead.
Last minute calls are absolutely welcome, as my availability allows.

Need and office location?
I have an office available in St.Petersburg on 4th st. N.
I also have my office in Lake Wales ( S.E. Polk county)
However, due to my ability to be mobile, available after normal business hours and on weekends for my clients, and cover many areas, I DO NOT have "regular" office hours.
There is a pattern but It's complicated, so it's easiest to start with your availability and location and work from there.

IF I have missed anything PLEASE ASK.

Email him now or call