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'm here to help you to live a better life. I'm offering to you different options to Heal & Relax your mind & Body. The experience. The Difference.

1.-Face, Hands & Foot Reflexology Massage
(on chair foot massage)

2.-Full Body Detoxification
(on chair foot massage)
Benefits of a Detoxification Foot Bath are many: Cleansing of toxins-a, sense of well-being, better sleep, less anxiety, cleaning liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestines & colon wich can all contribute to a longer life & the gift of a good health.

1 & 2 include: Foot Scrub.

3.-Glass Fire Cupping
(on table body massage)
Is a great therapy. It provides numerous benefits including: Improved circulation, faster healing of muscles, ligaments and tendons. It also works to reduce pain and soften stiff muscles, ends colds, coughs & toxins release.

4.-Heal & Relax Full Body Massage & Relaxing mind (including stretching & Reflexology)

All services comes with: Hot neckwrap, Hot Towels, Hot Stones, Organic Sea Salt & Aromatherapy.

Also if you're coming from work or are going to work SHOWER is available for your convenience.

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