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EST massage and bodywork available anywhere!

I am in Philly from Thursday till Friday morning. I will be in NYC from Friday till Sunday morning. I will return to Somerset, NJ from Sunday afternoon till Wednesday morning. I will be in Baltimore from Wednesday afternoon till Friday at noon. I will be in Washington, DC from Friday afternoon till Monday at noon. I will be in New Haven from Monday afternoon till Thursday at noon. I will be back in Somerset from Thursday afternoon till Monday at noon.
With a smile, I will greet you at the door,
You will realize that my intentions are pure!
It doesn't matter if you're outgoing or demure,
My first hug should make you feel very secure!

My pictures may have been a part of my allure,
But it's my energy that attracted you for sure!
You may be my first client of the day or number 4,
You'll get the same effort & attention as everyone before!

My work's done on a bed, wouldn't be the same on a table or the floor,
Therapy can be provided on any surface, this I can ensure!
My magical hands will take away every ache & every sore,
My reiki energy will heal internally, even for things that have no cure!

It doesn't matter which masseur you have went to before,
In any & every session, no one else will give you any more!
Don't waste your time and your money anymore,
Come find out all the wonders I have in store!
The best, most thorough male massage or female massage experience that will take your aches away, flush out bad/negative energy/toxins, replenish you with warm, healing/loving energy, and provide you with a spiritual, therapeutic massage experience.
My massages involve hugging, me using my hands, feet, elbows, and chin to massage you,
Described as the most special experience, therapeutic, relieving, destressing, alleviating, spiritual, thorough, and uplifting experiences.
I will work on you from different angles, so that I could attack your pains. My reiki energy healing is performed with a combination of moves I have put together over time 20 years now.
I provide a great, thorough massage, including a great face/head massage to start the session.
You will walk away feeling like you have had a long nap and will have positive energy for at least 5 days after we meet.
I generally become good friends with my clients and try to keep an open line of communication, even when we can't see each other.
I have clients who have been with me for over 10 years, perhaps you will be one for the next 10 plus years.
I combine reiki healing with Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology.
All of my clients agree that my session is 'the most unique session' possible.
I take pride in the work that I do and I don't cut corners; I deliver on what I promise that I will provide.
My session has been described as the BEST overall experience that is available in all of the major markets in America; even from people that have had countless massage sessions (from many different masseurs)!
I have traveled all over the country and many of my clients have insisted that I move to their city.
I am looking to move away from New Jersey, but am comfortable with living in Somerset, NJ for now.
I have had clients take flights to come and experience my session and they have driven hours to experience my session.
I am looking for regular clients (perhaps weekly, twice a month or monthly).
My rate is $125/hour, but if you get a weekly session, we can definitely discuss a lower rate.
I like being the go-to source for one's healing needs and work hard to maintain a good, friendly relationship with my clients!
If you choose me, you will definitely forget about all your other masseur options!

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