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OW FEATURING ALL NATURAL ORGANIC GRAPESEED/AVOCADO MASSAGE OILS. My male massage treats you to a selection of massage oils/esential oils before the massage begins. Clean calm relaxing music and environment
My scalp messages will invigorate and sooth sinus pressure,congestion, allergies symptoms, headaches And eye strain.
I focus on the acupressure theory when it comes to relieving stress and pain relief. My new all natural non greasy peppermint, eucalytus and warming arnica oils are excellent for sinus pressures,headaches, and anxieties, due to seasonal discomforts. These oils compliment my scalp massages and foot massages as well due to the natural anti inflammatory properties.
Accupressure constists of me using pressure points throughout your body to help relieve stress ,tension and pain. Pressure points and their effectiveness work by stimulating the meridian system to bring about relief by rebalancing your body mind and spirit.
I am a very open minded and laid back kind of man ,Discretion 100% assured. I respect my clients privacy and i take my work very seriously. My pressure range can vary from very mild to medium to deep tissue rub.My clients have been impressed with the standard of cleanliness and dedication i have towards my work. Your body is your haven so treat it as such and come let me work my strong hands over your temple. thanks

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