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icensed and certified male massage therapist since 2011! I am passionate about massage and give 100% service every time. The power to touch someone, and be able to provide a service only few are successful at; Awareness, Compassion, and Intent is the tripod I stand upon to assure every client receives what they are looking for in every session.

We begin with an assessment of your needs, we discuss treatment therapies that may be beneficial to your ailment and carry out a course of action to achieve quality results that will make you want to come back!

Lets face it we don't always want the same old dull massage. WE are men and live very active and adventurous lives. Whether you have muscle pain, poor blood flow, sciatica issues, arthritis, are competing for a sporting competition, anxiety, stress, muscle spasms; if you want to stimulate muscle growth, remove toxins from the body, increase circulation, joint pain, rehabilitative needs, tight or sore muscles from work or exercise, poor posture, poor sleep, or even if you want to just improve the overall feeling of being a man I can guarantee there is a massage modality for that and I am trained to help you remove these roadblocks and get you back to feeling alive and energetic, relieved, or relaxed!

I customize my massage technique for every individual. I incorporate several massage modalities in one session to effectively assist with the satisfaction and personal need for each of you! So don't look any further because a man knows what a man needs. Let my touch be your saving grace!

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