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onjour, I'm Marco

...a certified and experienced masseur based in Brussels. You're in good hands with me!

Expect a flowing oil massage blending the best of my broad skill set and my well developed intuition. I usually combine different techniques, modalities and make every massage a unique journey of profound relaxation, self-discovery and healing for your mind & body.

Your massage can include slow deep strokes, medium deep long energizing strokes, kneading, effleurage, stretching of hip and other joints/muscles, rocking and movement, breath work, deep acupressure and very deep arm/elbow pressure.

When you book a massage with me, it's all about you! Tell me briefly what you like, if any injuries and what are your expectations?

••••• Currently only OUTCALL in BRUXELLES •••••

••••• IMPORTANT •••••
Impeccable Hygiene, Discretion & Respect is offered and also expected! Always inform the massage therapist if you have a medical condition which could be contraindicated.

***Anonymous calls will not be answered***

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A pleasure to meet you!


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