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A return to caring treatment can help save humanity from the isolation and inhumanity of the modern condition." (Dr. K. Serizawa)

Did you know that premature babies can leave the hospital two weeks early if they are massaged 15 minutes a day? There's no doubt about it...human touch and the relaxation that comes with it are powerful, and we need them in our lives from the day we are born on into adulthood and old age.

Maybe you've tried some of the hundreds of masseurs. You probably enjoyed their massages very much, as well! But there's something that most of those masseurs lack: the power and insight that comes from intensive, legitimate massage education.

Gay massage? Straight massage? My clientele includes a wide range of gay and straight clients, male and female. I work on both men and women. If you found me by searching out M4M gay male massage, I work on everyone no matter if they are straight or gay or in-between including body type and age. Always strictly massage.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida since 1992, bringing formal massage education and 22+ years of experience in male massage to the L.A. area. I challenge you to treat your body to the expert touch I am proud to bring to LA area, from one man to another!

One client came to me complaining of pain in his right leg. After spending several minutes testing his range of motion, muscle tone and elasticity, I began to assess his muscles for the source of the pain. Eventually I pegged it at a very obscure muscle, the tensor fascia latae, which I discovered was knotted into the shape and texture of a golf ball. After two sessions my client had gone from being barely able to walk to working out on his treadmill pain-free! He later disclosed to me that he was an MD and that his associates at the hospital had been administrating cortisone injections and powerful pain killers, but had been unable to diagnose or solve the problem which I identified within minutes.

This is the knowledge and ability you won't get from an untrained masseur. (Go ahead...ask your last masseur if he can pinpoint your tensor fascia latae!) Your body is subjected to overwhelming stress on a daily basis and there is nothing like a true therapeutic massage!

You owe it to yourself to help heal your body and mind.

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