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*Brand new and beginners are welcomed. Your discretion is assured. I'm very masculine/non scene, in shape here.**

Join me in enjoying an environment, that is unlike any other male massage experience: where you can relax, sweat and breathe deeply--a setting where one can learn how to use various yoga stretching technque in a safe and intimate environment. This practice gives form to this experience, adding mental, physical and spiritual aspects to our curiosity.....doesn't get any better than this?

Having studied stretching/yoga based technque and practicing for over 15 years, I wanted to create an alternative, fitness oriented environment where men (gay, straight, curious and/or bi) can feel comfortable with their bodies--regardless of what shape they are in.

My goal with each session is to create an inviting experience where my client can work, sweat and breathe deeply---a setting where they can learn the fundamentals of elongating the muscles to build a stronger body and at the same time, feel comfortable and welcomed.

During these sessions, you are able to pull against me to get more stretch and effectiveness in the poses. In some positions, you will find it easier to maintain the correct balance and in all poses you will develop just the right support and force necessary to assist in accomplishing a movement or mastering a pose.

There is an energy exchange when 2 people work together--it becomes easier to concentrate and hold the positions, attention is heightened, and you will be able to do things you could not possibly do alone.

These are 1 hour sessions that will include or work up to the following (depending on client's experience): basic breathing techniques, warm up/flow series (sun salutations), standing/sitting partner postures, inversions, backbends/lower back work and light restorative in final resting pose.

For clients that would prefer a more relaxing experience, I also offer a full Restorative ssssion (where each pose in done in 15-20 intervals to induce relaxation and quiets the mind/nervous system by usage of props). This is recommended for people with high stress, anxiety and/or tired.

Again, all poses/postures are done with very intimate and light touching. These are based accordingly to your practice, so beginners are more than welcomed, as I will also teach you 'modified'/'optional' poses if you are new and/or not experienced.

Eventually, this promotes a sense of openness, eliminates concerns about physical imperfections and helps develop self esteem. Some of the general benefits are as follows: better posture, stronger muscles and bones, improved sleeping patterns, decrease in anxiety and depression, improved digestion, detoxification of the body--which has been shown to delay aging, maintaining weight control and of course, increase in sexuality through better control, more relaxation and self confidence.

Please let me know if this would be something of interest to you and we can discuss further about setting up an appointment. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you.

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