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njoy an awesome massage at my place, yours, or any area Hotel. I am 6'2" & 200lbs with a lean, muscular,athletic body. I am also a Certified Fitness Trainer, work out regularly & stay in top shape. I have found that many men (straight as well as gay) prefer a strong male for a massage. If you enjoy a deep tissue massage from a male you are sure to fine a top notch one here. If you prefer a lighter and a more relaxing touch I would suggest a Swedish/Deep tissue combo massage. I have athletes, bodybuilders, & dancers as well as regular guys with a variety of different body types as clients. I do not refuse anyone a massage based on body type, age or any criteria that could be discriminating. All I ask is that you be clean & not have any condition that would preclude you from getting a massage.Included with every massage is a hot/steamed towel treatment to finish (shower available if needed)

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