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i there. I am an excellent masseur and would like to offer my services. I am not certified or licensed but I have taken some weekend classes which is where I gained some initial experience. I have been massaging men for about five years now and like to think I have gotten pretty good at it. I give a great full body, deep or soft tissue massage and I am very comfortable massaging men of all ages and sizes. I prefer to host but in some cases I am willing to do house/hotel calls. I'm located at the Latitude 33 apartments in Palm Springs and have my own place with a massage table. Perfect for hosting!

As far as the massage is concerned I focus on 5 core areas, that being the neck, shoulders, back, gluts, and upper thighs. I am able to give a wide range of pressure. I usually start off with a medium to light amount of pressure and increase it throughout the session. For those who prefer deep pressure I use my elbows up and down both sides of the back. With that said, I hope I've been able to provide at least some insight to my style.

Email him now or call (858) 753-5969