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orld Class Full Body Massage.
Featuring an array of styles & technique.
Long & Deep Soothing strokes to Relax & Heal the tissues while delivering Dreamy Pleasure for Body & Mind.

Massage is a consistent Passion, as a key facet of holistic Wellness along with the Wellness provided & received from its practice.
Much of what you will experience here is unlike anything you may have felt before, being that much of my style is comprised of Gems learned from Physical therapists, Rolfers & other long time Massage practitioners as well as 5 Additional Years of Self taught Technique, that Combined with hand strength from a hobby of Climbing & lifting for Years, yet a very soothing touch is sure to deliver a Peaceful & Nourishing Experience.

Easy to talk to & will accommodate any schedules I can.
If you call or text without answer, I am most likely in an Appointment, so feel free to leave a message or just know I will return your call within the Hour.

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