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tanding at six five, with a slim athletic build, I have huge hands that cover every inch and angle of your body with an intuitive and amazing touch that can't be taught.

I offer the best kind of massage with both technical training (500 plus hours) and an amazing sense of touch. If you want a great massage, whether your male or female, young or old, gay, straight or any other label, then I'm the masseur for you.

Clients have said things such as "I appreciate each appointment and how you put so much into it", ... "I would nominate you for the best Massage
Therapist in the nation if I knew where to do it"..."You fixed my back after just one appointment", ... "You have a rare gift", ... "If I could put the way you make me feel in a bottle and sell it", ... "I've never experienced
ANYthing like this before"... and more! I want you to be the next one, and I guarantee you will be!

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Thai, Acupressure, Bamboo, Back Walking, Cupping, Reflexology, and ask about my Oriental Foot Rub...

Contact me today, it's your time to Phil Great!!!


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