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'm a professionally TRAINED and CERTIFIED massage therapist with 675 clocked training hours. I have strong but firm warm hands ready to workout your knots, relieve your body of soreness, stiffness, aches and pain.

Did you know that a massage will increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body? It also helps the body to relieve toxic waste. A massage can be relaxing and enjoyable but it can also be therapeutic which helps to relieve the body of cramps, joint pains, back issues, sciatica, muscle spasms and rotatory cuff issues. The list goes on and on. I also incorporate stretches in every session.
You'll be able to relax in my dimly lit massage studio on a heated or non- heated massage table (My table holds up to 350 lbs). I provide clean linen, warm towels, soft music and non- scented candles.

I will not respond to private or restricted numbers.

Thanks and see you on my table.

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