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i! My name is Peter and I'm a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist. I'm a gay male dedicated to serving the massage needs of gay men living in, visiting and working in the NYC area. My specialty is Swedish Deep Tissue work and Sports Massage.

During my session you can expect a lot of deep muscle work (at your comfort level, of course), trigger point &/knot relief and a ton of stretching, many of them Thai in nature. As I work on your body, I'm constantly assessing your body's limberness. Often times I will find muscles like quads and hamstrings that are hyper tight. When I do, I have further strategies to use in helping your body open up.

My apartment is private, in a very safe building and neighborhood.and extremely comfortable. My goal is always your comfort and relief.

I truly believe that all people no matter what their life story, their age, their walk of life, their body types, etc deserve quality body work. I love meeting new clients, I welcome back old clients and truly enjoy what I do. I always strive to give the best massage possible! I look forward to talking with you about how I can personalize your massage to meet your individual needs.
Take care and thanks for checking out my profile!

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