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offer a perfectly balanced male massage I'm a muscular and mature gay man with a great attitude and warm energy. I'm strong and know my way around your body. I offer you a connected, caring expanding session. Trained and Professional with 15 years full time experience. I offer you "Real Massage...Real Connection"

I have a beautiful hilltop studio with private parking. I will greet you and take you down to the studio. You have space for you belongings and a full bath. Get comfortable.

Our gay massage session can be customized to your needs. I will ask you if you having any body issues. Let me know how your body is feeling and I will put an emphasis on that muscle group.

Stress evaporates under my firm, strokes from the very start. As your body lets go, each stroke becomes deeper, waking your body and spirit.

Combining weight, touch and movement creates an exhilarating experience. I like to use arms, elbows, and palms or the hand to create a unique technique. After I work your entire body, some quiet time, combined with reassuring strokes gets you ready to shower and head out refreshed and a world away from when you walked in.

I'm great with first time clients looking for a safe, supportive atmosphere. My warm energy will make you feel safe, secure and taken care of. I'm experienced and skillful I can provide excellent bodywork.

The experience has been described as an hour and a half that feels like a weekend away. The work can be modified to fit. Feel free to email or text me with questions, you might have about your male massage...Thanks

(Text or email is the best way to reach me. If you do phone please leave a message. I don't answer while I have a client, driving or after 10pm or before 9am. But I will get back to you. In return when you are here I will not be checking my phone!)

Email him now or call