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've been massaging men of all ages and body types - gay, straight, bi - as a professional massage therapist for over twenty years now. Massaging men is a passion for me, not just a job. It is important to me to make new clients feel welcome and at ease, and through my experienced touch assure them that their massage experience will be a great one. I practice a combination of swedish and deep tissue techniques, adjusting the pressure to each client's wishes. My massages are thorough, detailed, full-body massages, both relaxing and therapeutic. My intention with each session is that the massage itself should be a satisfying experience but also that its benefits should continue after the session is over.
I am also an artist and it's important to me that the space I work in is beautiful. My studio is clean and quiet, and looks out onto a private garden.
It is great to work with a new client but the real proof that I'm doing my job right is when a new client returns. I cherish the relationships I have with my many longterm clients.
I'm happy to take last-minute appointments if my schedule allows. Shower is available and parking is easy.
I love doing male massage. That's what has kept me at it for over twenty years. Relax, and put yourself in experienced hands!

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