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Namaste, Thanks for your interest in having a massage session with me! Overall, I hope my years of experience speak for themselves!! I'm still as passionate as ever to be offering my "Hybrid Futon Massage" (and its hotel version on a king bed). The massage combines the best of many techniques I've studied over the years into a highly pleasurable and therapeutically effective bodywork experience.
It is a full body massage that allows you to have a relaxing experience while getting a serious therapeutic treatment at the same time. I use a variety of pressures, and I am very skilled at using various parts of my body where appropriate to utilize maximum effectiveness. One of the many benefits of working on a futon or bed is that I can use my body weight while you are face down and it allows for pleasant organic contact which feels supportive and makes the experience more intimate. Massage has always been a natural gift for me and I enjoy giving men (gay, bi, and married) the pleasure and the relaxation to feel better in their bodies. With my 26+ years of experience and a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I do consider myself a Master of bodywork and I do get results that clients are pleased with!!!

To compliment the massage, I spend considerable time in putting together interesting and meaningful music playlists. I use heated biotone (hypoallergenic) lotion and usually add essential oils (perhaps not when working in hotels). In Denver, I have an amazingly beautiful studio which is located in a very nice neighborhood with safe and free parking. I also use my collection of Tibetan bowls to begin and end each session with while at home. (sorry I do not travel with them) I have also added (6/16) an AMETHYST BIOMAT to enhance the massage experience even further. Many healthcare offices use the biomat for treatment of chronic pain, depression, stress, detox, and many other conditions and charge $40 an hour to lie on the biomat for its healing effects. I am adding this feature and NOT increasing my rates. (tips appreciated). Happy Healing....Happy Living!!!

I look forward to sharing my skills with you and hope you will treat yourself to a massage with me. Please text if possible to make an appt. I look forward to meeting you!!! Erik

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