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njoy the blissful relaxation of a full body massage. My touch is soothing and stress relieving, and I do not ignore important areas like your glutes. Almost nothing feels better than a good glute massage. I can customize the massage to your liking, giving you a massage experience that will never leave you disappointed! And if you like a shorter masseur I'm your guy! I am 5'7", 135 pounds, with a 29" waist, and a lean muscular build.

As for the massage, I use lotion for the massage as it is non-staining to your clothes. I start by massaging your low back, and work my way up to your neck and shoulders. After I ease out all of the tension around your neck, I give your glutes the deep tissue massage I was talking about. Now you melt, and know you're getting the TLC you deserve! Then I massage your legs and have you turn over; and begin to work your chest and the rest of your body.

I also offer clients an optional yoga session before the massage, at no additional charge. But you can experience my soothing touch full body massage with or without the yoga. For anyone interested in yoga, several of my clients have told me that the yoga relaxes them before the massage, adding to their stress release and pleasure. Each session lasts 90 minutes, a 30 minute yoga session followed by a 60 minute soothing touch massage.

I encourage my clients to be relaxed and at ease during the massage, and am always willing to do what it takes to make sure you have a great bodywork experience! I welcome guys of all sizes and races. Everyone is welcome. I am available for INCALLS NEAR THE STRIP. My massage studio is located near the strip in a safe area, and a clean shower and clean towel is available for your use. I am available for outcalls along the strip on short notice. Call or text 323-717-7838 to schedule your soothing touch massage appointment.

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