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am highly skilled in providing massage services to clients utilizing safe, appropriate and helpful massage techniques. I have a demonstrated ability to maintain client confidentiality and sensitivity to age and gender related issues during client interactions. Moreover, I possess a strong talent for observing clients’ reaction to massage and modifying treatment plans accordingly.

During my experience , I learned a variety of techniques in remedial, deep tissue and sports massage, which I can effectively utilize during massages session depending on the requirements and preferences of the client. Besides massage activities .

I am a dedicated for , man ( gay ) , straight , massage therapist with 6 years of experience in deep tissue, shiatsu and sports massage.

Provided massage services to clients using safe, appropriate and effective techniques.
Performed health history on clients and updated prior to each session; ascertained precautions/contradictions for massage prior to each session.
Explained procedures and applied techniques appropriate to client needs and preferences.
Observed client reaction to massage and modified as necessary.
Solicited feedback and responded accordingly.
Other responsibilities included: Maintaining client confidentiality and sensitivity to age and gender related issues during all client interactions; reporting any unusual client interactions to supervisor immediately, scheduling and maintaining appointments; assisting in collection of fees, consulting with appropriate treatment staff regarding treatment plans when necessary.

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