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i am a certified registered french masseur, located in center of Paris, offering a mix of different techniques , learned in France, mostly during training courses of Chinese traditional medicine ( ecole Shen ) and indian ayurveda :

this is a powerful energetic chinese massage , created by the founder of Ecole Shen in Paris, based on acupressure and moxibustion techniques.
he wanted to sum up in one massage some of his know how related to some of the most important acupuncture points and meridians ( energy channels).
It s using " Tchong Mo" , which acts like a conductor for most of the other meridians, blood and many organs . It aims to reorganize the balance and energy of the body . it can help people who feel anxious, depressed or pessimistic. The acting of this treatment has an impact on the body of course ( tireness, but also on endorphins who are handling hope, projection in the future.

it s not a relaxing massage . it s very intense and sometimes even unpleasant but impact after 24 hours is very often impressive.
rate is 50eur for about 45min

2- relaxing and energetic TUINA massage on table based on chinese massage techniques learned at ecole Shen in paris in 2012 : it reduces muscles tensions , provides relaxation .

for all massages i am usually using warm massage oils to increase the relaxation effect on the skin and muscles, among a choice of various organic oils and about 20 essential oils with specific advantages.
it can last from 60 to 90min . on table . only at my place as i cant move with the table . rate is 70eur per 60min .

3- feet reflexogy is also part of the Chinese traditional medicine.
the nervous and energy systems are working , in this concept, as an electrical network. Each body part receive informations, messages from the brain, going through the nervous system.
In this way, reflexology can have a strong impact on the whole body through the 6, what chinese call, "energy meridians" which are in the feet and thousands of nerves connections between the feet and the various organs ( which are actually represented in a map and certain zones , in the feet themselves ).
the massage, pressures and touching done on feet create reactions and impulses, transmitted back to the body.

Although beginning is quite relaxing, main part of reflexology can feel quite unpleasant and sometimes hurt if body disorder or unbalance is strong and tensions felt in the feet high . but relief effect and impact afterwards will be all the more so deep and impressive.

rate is 50eur for about 45min

4 chinese cupping in your back is another option : . this is a very effective traditional technique to reduce the old or deep tensions , embedded in the body : as often both physical and psychological . this is not very painful but this leaves some marks for a few days . you have to be aware of that if you want to try .
rate is 40eur for about 30 to 40min

for massages you will have the possibility to choose between 4 organic vegetal massage oils and around 20 essential oils with specific positive effects in aromatherapy.

we can communicate by SMS, call, whatsapp or Telegram : +33613992283

thanks see you .

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