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* i offer a relaxing and therapeutic massage based on various techniques learned during my training at ecole Shen in paris in 2012 : mainly chinese Tuina technique to reduce muscles tensions , some feet reflexology and relaxing basic massage techniques of swedish massage . with at the end head massage to calm down . it can last from 60 to 90min . on table . only in incall as i cant do outcalls with the table .

*real feet reflexogy can be done fully during a 90min massage session : it has a relaxing part at the beginning . but to relieve deep tensions within the feet ; very strong and deep pressures are also necessary and can be hurting according to the unbalanced energy and tensions that you have . it has to be discussed beforehand if you expect a real one or just the relaxing part.
* chinese cupping in your back is another option : . this is a very effective traditional technique to reduce or get rid of the old and deep tensions which are deep in the body : as often both physical and psychological . this is not very painful but this leaves some marks for a few days . you have to be aware of that if you want to try .

pls add me on whatsapp +33613992283
sms or call . email : o.clamaron@free.fr
thanks see you .

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