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hank you for taking the time to read through my ad here on MasseurFinder.

My m4m massage work includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports..... during the session I making sure your pain fades away in my hands!

My goal during a session is to relieve all knots and tenses, to make your muscles relax. I have a very strong and big hands which help me to fight the most stubborn muscles. I know how to apply pressure right and I am very responsive to your body, meaning that i see when you need more or less pressure at certain areas. I encourage my clients to guide me on the level of pressure they prefer or techniques they prefer so they have the best experience. During massage, I use the weight of my body to variate the pressure that your body needs. As well as full-body strokes, I locate focal points of sensitivity and knots in your body and attentively direct my touch to them. Over the course of your massage, you will encounter a range of techniques from those that soothe to those that energize.

My studio is perfectly suited for massage sessions. While soft melody relaxes your mind, my strong hands massage your body. Shower and clean towels also provided. I am trying to provide service on the highest level.

I provide smooth, gliding pressure while you zone out to soothing music on a comfortable massage table to help you let go of unwanted stress and tension. I can apply as much or as little pressure as you prefer.

I'm 24 6'3", 175, very friendly and open to everyone
I do not discriminate on age, race, gender or physical status. I enjoy to converse with my clients about different topics, as well as i can be silent to let you fall asleep in my hands (it happens pretty often).
Don't hesitate to text me, even if it too short of a notice, let me see what i can do.

The best way to reach me is text just because i am a full time college student and often being in class or library.

Email him now or call