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hether you're visiting the city for some fun...
Decompressing after a long week at the office...
Or just in the mood for some relaxation....

...I provide relief through professional, therapeutic, and restorative massage tailored to each clients' needs!

(either way you're guaranteed a world class massage that you'll be happy about...relax!)

With each massage, I release the daily tension we all store as human beings using my skilled, experienced, and sensitive touch to leave each client with an improved sense of wellbeing. I take pride in providing massages that find the tender knots we often neglect and applying just the right amount of pressure to alleviate excess tension. It brings me a unique sense of satisfaction when I strike the perfect balance of tension-release from sore spots in muscles that receive scant attention in the hustle of the city, travel, or lifestyles. My passion for helping folk is expressed by allowing you to detox from your daily grind, unwind from traveling, achieve your fitness and wellness goals or simply relax. NO discrimination based on race/age/bodytype/discreet/bi/straight, all are welcomed, pampered, and massaged with the utmost respect and discretion :-)

I'm very flexible with availablity for Outcalls and Incalls. Treat yourself to an hour out of the week where you close your eyes, forget your worries, and allow my hands to physically take you somewhere else. To schedule please shoot me a call/text at 347-915-5170 (phone is only talk/text) with the following: Incall or Outcall, Day/Date, Time

*Incall/Outcall* (Incall - you come tome, Outcall - I come to you ...anywhere where MTA, Metro North, LIRR, or Jersey Transit/Path trains reach)
*Date* (I generally prefer same or next day appointments, but will definitely accommodate if you need to schedule farther out)
*Time* (Just stating morning or evening helps if you really aren't sure, but a solid "_ _ : _ _ o'clock" is ìdëål so that I can plan around our appointment, travel time etc. )

Call or text him at